Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where do Spotted Owls Live?

Spotted Owls live in the Old-Growth Forest, in the southern part of British Columbia. They like forests with large, lush trees with broken tops and deformed limbs. Due to logging, the Spotted Owl is now endangered. Scientists estimate that only 8 pairs of Spotted Owls remain.


Jessica's Dad said...

Hey girls, this is a great start. Is there somewhere that I can hike to where I can actually see the owls?


Pat Haberl

Ahrva said...

Hey there! I'm writing a paper on The Spotted Owl Controversy. I entered "Where do Spotted Owls live?" on Google and your site was the first to come up. It was very helpful - thanks!

P.S. Just so you know, I'm on the environmentalist side of the issue.

Beabug said...

nice im doing an essay that has them in it. its an anti loggeng essay

Impulse:) said...

Hey, thanks guys, this website was pretty helpful, because I'm doing an powerpoint on Northeren Spotted Owls,

It honestly could've been more descriptive though, then you would definatly get *thumbs up* for sure,

please & thanks.

Jocelin said...

hey i am doing one on spotted owls to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!